8:00PM Magnum PI
9:00PM Geraldo At Large
9:30PM Mad About You

Doc with Billy Ray Cyrus

"Doc" captures the drama and comedy of big city medicine as seen through the eyes of Clint Cassidy (Billy Ray Cyrus), a handsome country doctor from Montana whose love for a woman took him to the Big Apple. Clint's down-to-earth style and bedside manner endears him to the patients at his Manhattan HMO, but he encounters resistance from his colleagues and the system. Never losing his values, common sense and "fish out of water" demeanor, Clint adjusts to an urban lifestyle, forming new relationships and stumbling upon new adventures along the way.

Created by Dave and Gary Johnson ("Against the Grain," "Second Noah," "High Incident" and PAX's "Hope Island") this series captures the drama and comedy of big city life when seen through the eyes of a newcomer.

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