8:00PM Sue Thomas F.B. Eye
8:00PM Stone Under Cover
10:00PM Sunday Night Movie


The Power Within
Friday, September 8th 8-10pm

Starring Ted Jan Roberts, Jacob Parker, Karen Valentine, William Zabka, Keith Coogan
A young martial arts expert takes on an evil villain for the possession of a magical ring said to grant its wearer unlimited power.

Crossing Delancey
Sunday, September 10th 9-11pm

Starring Amy Irving and Peter Riegert
Isabelle's (Irving) life revolves around the New York bookshop she works in and the intellectual friends she meets there until her grandmother hires an old-fashioned matchmaker to give her love life a push. But can the lonely bookstore manager and a pickle merchant (Riegert) find true love in the big city through this old-world tradition?

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